about me

I love the outdoors and am fascinated by the constantly changing appearance of the landscape. My paintings are not pictures of a landscape but a record of the physical and emotional experience of being in the landscape, using all my senses to record the walk, the sound of leaves or a passing plane. I am inspired by small moments such as a hovering bee and also the huge panoramic. My paintings strive to convey a sense of space and openness that I always feel. Drawing, recording and photographing the landscape are my source material generating a personal language of lines, shapes and colours that capture my thoughts and feelings.

Colour is central to my work; I love the process of mixing colours and exploring colour relationships. The physicality of painting is very important to me; the expressive marks reflect my enthusiasm. I am fascinated by the visible history of the paintings; the scraping and rubbing back of the surface revealing a many layered process. The paintings are confident and expressive reflecting my passion and enjoyment of paint and colour.

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